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Photo Journals

Browse our photo journals. These are the stories of our days-in and days-out featuring some specially-selected pictures from our photo archive.

April 2001: Our American Adventure!

Photo Archive

Here you will find our photo archives:

Public archives:

April 2001: Holiday in Southwestern USA
May onwards 2001: Friends & Family
August 2001: Seema & Bobby's visit
Late 2001: House under construction
Jan 2002: Tan's latest picture

Private archives (re-developing)

August 1999: Dev's Wedding in London
May 2001: Mandeep's birthday Sat Sang
August 2001: Simran & Sandeep's visit


Pop Video Diaries

Download our pop videos! These are specially sequenced versions of some of our digital video tapes - dubbed with pop music soundtracks!

Jan 2000: Seema's wedding in New York (15Mbytes)

NOTE 1: You must have Windows Media Player (or any software tool that can play MPG files.) Windows Media Player will genrally start playing as soon as it has received some data. However - see the note below.

NOTE 2: The files are quite large. If you are using 56kbps modem then do downaload & save of the file to a folder on your disk and then come back half-hour later. If you have DSL or cable then you can probably view the pop-video as it downloads into Windows Media Player.